Journey F.A.Q's

With a new Journey curriculum coming, we know there are many questions. Here is a list of some of the most asked questions with answers. Don't see the answer to your questions? Contact us!

Does the new book cover the entire year?
Yes. There are 32 lessons included in each of the new studies to cover both fall and spring.

What part of the curriculum will be used for quizzing?
At this time we do not know what will be used from the new curriculum for quizzing.

Will students be required to access the internet to use this curriculum?
Each lesson has a student video component that is accessed via the internet. This is the only portion of the study which requires internet access.

How are the units broken up in this new curriculum?
There are 32 weeks of lessons, with 8 units comprised of 4 lessons each. There are no review weeks like there are with Trek for middle school.

When will the new Journey books be available to order?
The new Journey books will be available to order the first week of July and will begin shipping at that point in time.

Is scripture memory still a requirement?
If your student is working to earn an award, they are required to memorize the “Core Scripture” from each week’s lesson in the Student Bible Study.

Is the Bible reading requirement still the same for those working towards earning their citation award?

Has the service/training/bring a friend requirement changed?
The service and Christian training requirements have not changed. The bring a friend requirement will change slightly to make that experience more significant. Beginning this fall the requirement will be to have one spiritually significant gospel conversation with a non-believer.

Do students using the Essentials book qualify for the end-of-the-year award?
No, but they would receive a Journey Essentials Certificate.

How much more work is expected from students each week?
Each lesson is broken up into seven days of study. With the exception of day seven, which would be their group meeting, each day is designed to take about 15 minutes to complete depending on the student.

Is a copy of the videos available on a DVD?
Not at this time. We are researching the option to make the videos available in the future on DVD. At this time, they are only available as a download.

What versions of the Bible are used in the Journey curriculum?
You can order your Journey materials with the following versions: NIV, NKJV, KJV, and ESV.

Does the Journey curriculum include parent guides?
Yes. The parents guides are available to you as a free download.

Is the Bible reading requirement still the same for those working towards earning their citation award?
Yes. Students already working toward their citation award under the older Citation Checklist should continue on the Bible reading track with which they started. Students new to Journey should begin with the new Citation checklist which has them reading the New Testament books in Trek and Old Testament books in Journey. You can find the Bible summaries here. The Bible reading rotation has not changed except for removing the New Testament books.