Journey Bible Reading Summaries

One of the requirements for a Journey student is to read the Old Testament books of the Bible. We have divided the Old Testament into four fairly equal groupings of books. You will find the list of the year's required books in your Bible Studies.

However, you do need to know how the books fit together to form the Bible's "big picture." For that reason, you will find the summaries listed here in biblical order. You may know your books of the Bible so finding the summary you need won't be difficult. If you don't know the order of the books, match up the number in your Bible Study with the number of the summary.

We have included Bible Reading Checklists at the end of the summaries below so you can keep track of what chapters you have read. If you would like, you can download/print the Bible Reading Checklist and stick it on your mirror or in your Bible to have it handy.

When you have completed the book reading, you will need to sign on the signature line in your Bible Study. You then need to summarize the book in your own words to your leader. (This can include the theme, author, key verse, date and events/characters written about in the book.) Don't just memorize the summary that's here – you'll need to summarize in your own words. Your leader will then need to sign on the signature line next to the book in the Bible study. This will signify that you read and summarized the book.

2016-2017 Journey Bible Reading Summaries

2015-2016 Journey Bible Reading Summaries